Why a metal roof?

Why a metal roof?

better + smarter


Why a metal roof?

The Roof Over Your Head

Your home is your sanctuary. Where your favorite memories are made. It protects your family and is a reflection of who you are.

The roof is a major focal point of your home’s design and architecture. Whether your style is open and breezy by the bay, Spanish Colonial, Victorian, or anything in between, there is a metal roof to cap off the story of your home.

Drexel Metal Quality

With more than three decades of industry expertise, Drexel Metals has earned a reputation for producing roofing systems of exceptional quality, safety, energy efficiency and performance. Our depth of experience combines with a passion for delivering industry-advancing innovation, while maximizing cost efficiencies and sustainability.

Best of all, Drexel Metal Roofing is made locally for you.



From top to bottom…we’ve got your covered.

Beautiful + Strong
Unmatched Durability

The roof in your home is a major line of defense against the power of mother nature.

While a common choice is asphalt shingles, a Drexel Metals metal roof is the premier product for strength, longevity and carefree maintenance.

Asphalt roofing – primarily made of oil-pregnated paper or fiberglass – begins to deteriorate as soon as it’s installed. Likewise, wood shingles dry out and crack over time, and concrete roof tile can fracture from freeze/thaw cycles.

Beautiful and strong, Drexel Metal Roofing Systems are precision-engineered to withstand decades of extreme weather like gale and hurricane force winds, heavy snow, hailstorms, and even wildfires. It will not deteriorate and is virtually maintenance free.

Smart Investment

While the initial costs of a metal roof may be higher than asphalt shingles, a Drexel Metals metal roof is the better investment in the long run.


Drexel Metals metal roofs last 2 – 3 TIMES LONGER than asphalt roofs. Virtually maintenance free. No intermittent repair costs.

Attract Potential Buyers

A roof can account for 40% of a home’s visual impact from the curb and help attract potential buyers should you decide to sell.

Transferable “Gold Standard” Warranty

Drexel Metals is the ONLY metal roofing company that provides a warranty that can be transferred to the next owner if you sell your home.

Create Roof Envy

Drexel Metal Roofs are more than just smart, financially superior investments. They are visually stunning. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.



Fast Facts

Are they Noisy?

This is the #1 question we get asked. The answer is no. Our roofs are typically installed over your attic space with insulation plus your roof deck and our underlayment. This makes our metal roofs no more noisy than other roofing materials on the market.

Light as a Feather

Well, maybe not a feather, but a metal roof is on average 50% lighter than an asphalt shingle roof and 75% lighter than concrete tile, fiber cement shakes and slate.

Got Snow?

Metal roofing is a popular choice for homes in areas with heavy snowfall. A metal roof sheds snow quickly, and thereby protects the integrity of the roof by eliminating ice damming at the eaves than can cause water back up that eventually leaks into your home.

Custom Beauty & Appeal

Luxurious colors, dramatic lines and graceful curves – from sleek and modern to charming and traditional. We offer a broad scope of profiles, styles and colors to infuse your home with your personal taste.

Choose from pre-painted Galvalume©, pre-painted aluminum, Drexlume™ and copper. All are constructed with products proudly made in the USA and installed by local installers.

Fire & Lightning Safety Ratings

Metal roofs are safer than most roofing material in the event of a lightning strike. They are not combustible and are less likely to start a fire. Also, Drexel Metal Roof Systems carry a UL class “A” fire rating for roof coverings, which are evaluated for the ability to resist spread of fire into the attic, resist flame spreading and resist generating burning embers.

Energy Efficient

Drexel Metal roofs reflect rather than absorb the sun’s heat energy, which makes it one of the most energy efficient roof systems available. Tax credit info

Our Roofs are made of 30% – 60% recycled material and are 100% Recyclable at the end of their useful.